Sunday, November 24, 2013

Right-To-Work Fallacy

When reading up on the Taft-Hartley act and its creation of the Right-to-work state I began to wonder, where do the states that are right-to-work fall in a list of the poverty rate? I also wanted to know where high union membership states fell on the poverty list.  

Before you continue reading I will say I'm not mathematician or statistician so I tried to keep the numbers simple. I know numbers can be picked and choosed to match one's argument but I tried to keep it to within the scope of the above question. 

There are 24 right-to-work states today. 15 are in the bottom half of states by poverty rate. Even worse, in the bottom 11 states by poverty rate, 9 are RTW. Of the bottom 10 states by poverty rate, only West Virginia and New Mexico are not RTW states, but are 18 and 35 in union membership respectively. 5 states have right-to-work in their state constitution, 4 of them are in the bottom 10 by poverty rate.  The average place on the poverty list for a RTW state is 30.85.

Now I acknowledge this isn't a perfect argument. Michigan just joined the RTW list in 2012, so the true effects of RTW haven't set in yet. 3 of the top 10 states by union membership are in the bottom 25 by poverty rate. Not one top 10 union membership states are in the bottom 10 for poverty rate. The average place on the poverty list for a top 10 union state is 18.5

By contrast the lowest 10 states by union membership have 5 states in the bottom 10 for poverty rate and are an average 33.8 on the poverty list. 

Right to Work States
StateNumber by Poverty %Bottom 10 Union %?Poverty %
North Dakota2011.2
South Dakota264411.8
North Carolina345013.2
South Carolina414815
*Constitutional Amendment for Right-to-Work                                                            Poverty rate is 0.6% above national average.
Lowest 10 States in Union Membership
State# by union %# by poverty %Poverty rate
South Dakota442611.8
South Carolina474115.0
North Carolina503413.1
Poverty rate is 1.6% above national average.

Top 10 States in Union Membership
State# by union %# by poverty %Poverty rate
New York13814.5
New Jersey726.8
Poverty rate is 1.9 % below the national average.

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Monday, October 21, 2013


I started this night very stressed about my workload for school. I was beginning to think that taking 4 classes was WAY too much. After a few hours of hard work, I handed a paper in and reviewed my course schedules. I'm feeling much more confident in my ability to handle this. It still won't be easy, but I'm feeling better now. I just need to keep at it and I'll get through this.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Sabres third jersey

First of all what I like. I like the colors. I don't mind that the front is yellow and back is blue. I like that the primary logo is front and center. I like the number font and the loof of the back.  

What bothers me are the vertical white stripes on the sleeves and collar and the grey ends of the sleeves. 
The Buffalo word mark on the front is unnecessary. The combination of the word mark, blue/yellow line and multicolored collar make the chest area of the jersey look crowded. 

My biggest problem with the jersey design is the lack of hockey jersey stripes (horizontal waist and sleeve stripes). To me, a hockey jersey should ALWAYS  have horizontal waist stripes. 

One question I have is what will the back of the jersey look like when there are two numbers on it? The Ott jersey doesn't look like it will have enough room. If the edges of the numbers break onto the yellow I don't think I'll like it. Same with the Captain and Alternate letters on the front. If they are over the blue/yellow border I think that will look awkward and messy. I don't see how they'll fit otherwise, especially now that the letters have crossed swords under them.

I'll hold final judgment until I see it on the ice. I doubt I'll ever hate it, but neither will I love it. I wasn't a huge fan of the 40th anniversary jerseys either. 

For me the perfect Sabres jersey would be their current home and away with the primary logo on each side of the shoulder yoke. Want a third jersey? Wear the white Winter Classic jersey. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ron Rolston

So Pegula is still the owner. Darcy is still the GM. Rolston is still the coach.

I don't really know how to feel about the team. I understand how you can come to almost any conclusion. What I do know is Darcy inherited a good team that had a lot of problems. He put the finishing touches on them fell 2 wins short of The Cup. Then he totally rebuilt the team from scratch and fell 4 wins short with what some call the greatest Sabres team ever. He did it with an owner who said the team had to make money.

Now the financial restrictions are gone and the team is in free fall! A majority of the fan base wants him fired. I could understand why. To some not firing Darcy makes Pegula look wishy-washy.

At this point I think it's best if we all just chill. None of us is going to make Terry Pegula fire Darcy Regier. Not Bucky Gleason. Not Mike Harrington. And certainly not a fan or a blogger. Just take a deep breath. Enjoy the beautiful summer weather. See what move Darcy pulls off on Draft Day and hope for the best.

For me right now I'm emotionally uninvested. I care, but not that much. I'll renew my mini-pack next year. I'll watch all their games. I'll root for them to win every game and make the playoffs. I'm still a fan but I'll need to see where things go before I really get excited for the team.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Good going America

Gun control heats up as Congress heads home | MSNBCMSNBC

Senate Republicans threaten to filibuster all gun control legislation. Even if it does pass the Senate, good luck in the House. The  NRA says no legislation will pass.

So even with no assault weapons ban and no mention of high capacity magazines Congress is still going to pass no gun legislation. So no tracking of sales. No expanded background checks.

We all live in the Wild West. We are all savages, ruled by paranoia and irrational fear.

Public mass shootings are the cost of freedom. We're only as free as we are badass.  Liberty requires that you be always be prepared to defend it with lethal force. The Bible was wrong. The meek shall inherit a violent death.

Good going America.