Thursday, June 7, 2018

Cord Cutting

We've tested Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, and YouTube TV since cutting the cord. I definitely like YouTube the best. We have a Hulu subscription, but haven't tried Hulu Live yet. I imagine it would be popular because Jaime and Audrey use Hulu more than other apps.

As for YouTube TV: First of all they offer a free month trial, where the others do a free week.

Second they have an app on my TV which is a great app and well supported.

Third the streaming on mobile devices works much better than the other apps.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Conference Finals

The Capitals took a 2-0 series lead against the Lightning tonight, with their second road win. The Caps have outscored the Lightning 10-4 through two games. Are we seeing the weakness of the Atlantic division? Or is this just an example of a team in form versus a team that has rested?

Winnipeg just played a brutal 7 game series against Nashville. The Jets dominated game 1 with a single day of rest 4-2 against a well rested Vegas Knights. The Knights cruised through the first two rounds with dominating series wins against Los Angeles and San Jose. Then Vegas rested for almost a week before the third round.

Regardless, a Winnipeg Washington Cup Finals will be a fun series to watch. I'm definitely rooting for Washington.


Everyone likes to say they truly appreciate and respect mothers, especially on Mother's Day. But sometimes I think it's said but not really understood.

The sacrifice women make to become moms is enormous and rarely given its due in our society. Seriously. Children are a gift, and a blessing. But women make sacrifices to bring them into this world. First they sacrifice their bodies. Our society judges every choice they make and puts unfair pressures on them. In order to be the best moms they can be they often sacrifice their careers. They make less money than in the careers that men typically choose. They give more time to their families than men do, and their employers hold it against them. They often do an unfair amount of house work and child rearing. They are the glue that holds our society together and it would crumble into anarchy if left solely to men.

So while you're honoring the moms in your world today, take a moment to think of additional ways you can honor them tomorrow and the rest of the year. They deserve more thanks than we can give them.

Thursday, March 22, 2018


I often see comments sections of political debates comments go something like this:

"Christianity, throughout history, has committed far more atrocities than any other religion. I thought that was common knowledge." That's a claim I'm not sure about.

Christians will reply something to the effect of:

"What about the Nazis?"


"Hitler was a Christian! Here's a meme!"


"He was a charlatan that used Christianity. Nazis we're actually occultists!" Meme return fire! "Now add in Stalin and Mao and atheists killed way more than Christians."

Atheist meme!

Christian meme!

Atheist meme!

Christian meme!

Can we all just agree that any ideology that results in people committing atrocities should be shunned? For fucks sake! Why is this so hard to grasp?

One way to ensure we don't start committing genocide against each other is through political compromise. We need to support our political institutions and compromise! And I don't think this necessarily means the left selling out to the current batch of extreme right wingers. But it can be the left embracing the moderate middle.

I think people are yearning for clean, uncorrupt public servants willing to fight special interests. I look forward to someone finding that path to power.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Fake News

Fake news: Hillary Clinton is running a child sex ring out of a Washington DC Pizzeria basement. Evidence for it: cryptic messages pulled from otherwise innocuous emails about ordering pizza. Evidence against it: Pizzeria doesn't have a basement! Common sense. You might not like her, and think she's bad for the country, but come on! Acting on that rumor a guy went in there and fired an AR-15.

Real news: Donald Trump sexually assaulted nearly two dozen women. Evidence for it: similar first hand accounts from women who don't know each other of the incidents that often times are corroborated by pictures and schedules showing they were together. Trump has decades of interviews admitting to lewd behavior with women. ALSO DONALD TRUMP ADMITTED HE SEXUALLY ABUSED WOMEN ON VIDEO! Evidence against: Trump says it's fake news. It's not.

Get your shit together America.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Messed up dream

While sleeping last night I was dreaming and laughed out loud. Because I talk in my sleep and Jaime tries to egg me on to say silly stuff, she asked me what was so funny. She woke me up and I told her to leave me alone! The benefit of her asking is that I remember what the dream was. I will now share it with you. When you read this you'll probably think that I am making it up or somehow embellishing. I promise you this is the dream I had. Exactly.

I was watching a movie or TV show. I'm not sure which. It was a dark comedy staring Ellie Kemper (Erin from the Office and Kimmy Schmidt) and Jimmy Fallon. The premise is they're a couple living together and planning a spree killing. Oh, and this is a musical.

So they're in their house, singing a song about how they're ready to go on a rampage, while Gary Coleman is installing blinds on their windows. Yup, Gary Coleman. They sing their song about how this is going to be THE BEST DAY! And when they finish Gary Coleman walks out from behind the couch. They'd forgotten he was there while they were singing the song, you see, because he's short and they couldn't see him.

That's when I laughed out loud. Welcome to my mind! It's either a hilarious, or a scary place to be depending on whether or not you like dark, sometimes totaly inappropriate, comedy.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

A warning for Antifa

The following is a comment I posted on a Facebook thread to people advocating violent protest, and anarchist revolution on Facebook. I've edited it a bit and added some more thoughts here and there. 

Our country and world have problems. No one is denying that. But let's not throw the baby out with the bath water.

There has never been a safer time to live on this planet than today. There are less wars now than at any time in recorded history. There are less people living in extreme poverty than at any other time. The technological advancement that has made that possible has been brought about by capitalism. We can regulate it the way we have in the past to make it work better for more people. But ultimately capitalism is better than the alternatives.

And even though we've suffered a setback to progress, to say that institutionalized racism and sexism can't be brought about by non-violent protest is just plain wrong. Women didn't fight a guerrilla war to gain suffrage. The Civil Rights Acts of the 1960's didn't come about through anarchist action. To say we can only fix our problems by dismantling the apparatus of state is naive, bordering on childish fantasy.

If we dismantle the state, protections for the most vulnerable among us will crash down.

Answering right-wing violence with violence plays into the Alt-Right's hands. It validates their conspiracy that they're under attack. It vacates the moral high ground. It drives sympathetic potential supporters away. In the end wearing black masks and fighting Nazis in the streets will hurt your cause more than it helps.

It also makes our country look like the Weimar Republic, where fascists regularly fought Communists in the streets. When that apparatus of state fell, it didn't end well for anyone. The Nazi party never received more than 37% of the vote, yet it was enough to seize power in a fractured country. Trump's approval rating stands at ~35%. We can consolidate the discontent around a moderate liberal opposition. Or we can fracture further among left and radical left. The result will be a midterm win for Trump, and likely another 4 years in 2020.