Friday, March 23, 2012

Thanks for nothing GOP

So we finally filed our taxes and because Republicans in the House of Representatives don't believe in climate change or energy efficiency (or the middle class) and didn't renew the energy tax credit we got nothing back for the very expensive energy efficient air conditioner and door we installed on our house last year. Tell me again how you care about the working class.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sabres Season (so far)

Quick entry on the 2011-12 Buffalo Sabres .

First 15 Games 10-5-0 = 1.33 ppg
Next 33 Games 9-19-5 = .70 ppg From Lucic hit until All-Star Break. Ryan Miller is hurt and not on his game.
Next 25 Games 15-5-5 = 1.4 ppg With 9 games left. 2 points out of 8th place Washington.

No reason to think the Sabres can't play out at 1.4 PPG which would be 6-2-1 and good for 13 points. It would get them a season total of 91 points and should be enough to pass the Caps for 8th place. According to Sports Club Stats gives Buffalo a 66% chance of making the playoffs. Now let's hope it happens and that Pittsburgh doesn't finish 1st!